1. What are the traits of a successful Private Investigator?

A successful PI has to be patient, focused, disciplined and above all, must have a high level of credibility, integrity and reliability.

2. How do I determine if a PI is reliable?

A reliable PI must be trained and licensed by the Singapore Police Force. He or she must be observant and willing to work at any time. He must also be prepared to attend court proceedings and give evidence should the need arise. He must also give a detailed report at the end of the investigation and not just an investigation log sheet with scanty details.

3. How do I choose a good PI agency?

When choosing a good PI agency, one has to look at its track record as a testament of its capabilities.

4.  Is the success rate of a case guaranteed?

Our job as PIs is to find out the truth. We, as an independent party only report what we see, observe and hear. We do not fabricate stories and compromise the integrity of the investigation for the sake of getting ‘results’. Nevertheless, we will do our utmost to ensure each case has a high success rate but within legal boundaries.