At the helm of Goldeneye is Mr Masbollah Fazal, a retiree from the Singapore Police Force. Mr Masbollah was the Deputy Director of Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) for six years.

As a Superintendent of Police (2), his vast police experiences include being Commander of Police Divisions. Among his many high demanded police duties, he was responsible for the Security and Safety of all International Embassies, Minister's residences, Ambassador's residences and world-class luxurious hotels.

He has also served as Head Investigation and in various sections of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), where he ultimately became Head, Criminal Intelligence Unit (CID). For his dedication and loyal services to his nation, he was awarded the Public Admin Medal (PPA), the Efficiency Medal (PB) and the Long Service Medal (PBS) by the state. Besides this, he has also won the Merlion  Investigator Award in 2003 and the International Private Investigator Award in 2006 and numerous police commendations/ testimonials.

With an extensive network around the world, Mr Masbollah has an added edge when conducting investigation.

He is a member of the Senior Officers Mess, Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Security Association of Singapore (SAS).

Mr Masbollah was a representative at numerous International Seminars and a spokesperson for Singapore's perspective on Asian Organised Crime and its relationship to drug money laundering, financial and drug investigations. He has developed a worldwide network of law enforcement and civilian officials throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA.