Investigation on Persons

Matrimonial Checks

  • Your spouse is displaying certain unusual habits like wearing perfume or cologne when she or he does not like to, or spending an extra time preening in front of the mirror. Or perhaps you have stumbled upon suspicious bills to hotel rooms in far flung places.

Pre-marital Screening

  • You are getting engaged/married and unsure if your potential spouse is what he or she claims to be. Or you are a parent who wants to know more about your future son or daughter-in-law.

Child Custody

  • You are divorced and want to know if your child is well taken care of. Or you heard rumours about your children being ill treated.

Anti-Social Behaviour of Children

  • Your child is constantly returning home late after school. Or you think your child is spending his or her time at Internet cafes and game arcades instead of going to school. You worry about who she or he mixes with.

Surveillance on Maids

  • Your maid is talking on her handphone most of the time and is not concentrating on her chores. You want to make sure that she will not bring a stranger home to your premises when you are at work.

Missing Persons

  • Your loved one has gone missing and you want to locate his or her whereabouts. You have lost contact with someone dear to you and want to reconnect.

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