Mission Statement

Vision: To be the leading investigation and security services company in Singapore.


Case Objectives
“You want results. We’ll show you results.”

Goldeneye  Investigation brings a wealth of experience in investigative and surveillance work. Utilizing the latest technology and surveillance methods, our clients can be assured of the highest standards in the industry. We are beholden to all our clients, from the public and corporate spheres, without whose enduring confidence in us, we would not have been able to establish the excellent track record we enjoy today.

“An ethical code of conduct.”

We respect the confidentiality of each and every one of our clients and will spare no efforts in safeguarding their privacy. We adhere to the ethical code of conduct within the investigations profession whereby the client’s welfare is of paramount importance to us.

“Every case is handled by trained and qualified professionals.”

Our team of investigative professionals and detectives come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing with him or her a specialized skills set and knowledge. We are constantly upgrading ourselves so as to fulfill investigative goals and outcomes.

Honesty, Empathy, Integrity & Dexterity
“Values that have served us well, as well as our clients.”    

At Goldeneye Investigation, we receive our clients in an open and honest manner. Our experience has also stood us in good stead, enabling us to empathize on a deep level with our clients. We do not make empty promises purely for business, but listen and understand to  our clients’ needs before making any decisions. Our cases are solved on the basis of mutual trust as much as integrity and dexterity.

Our mission begins with you!

Our Core Values: